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Any Language Communications is an applied research and development company focusing on natural language understanding software. Our Relationship Analysis method can understand any natural language in context.   Some applications using our Relationship Analysis Engine (RAE) are:

Knowledge Discovery and Text Analysis for Any Language

Recognizing language concepts in documents depends on the context.  For example, "bank" will refer to different concepts in sentences like, "They met at the bank to withdraw money", "They met at the bank where the fishing was best", or "They met at the bank of spotlights." Our Search RAE application can quickly scan documents to alert you to concepts you want to know about, and our X-RAE application can do a thorough text analysis that can also be easily used by other software.   

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Document Summaries for Any Language

Got a ton of documents and an ounce of time to read them?  Our SummaRAE application quickly and thoroughly analyzes the concepts in your documents and generates summaries, complete with sentences from the documents that most closely express the major concepts.  You also get a computer-coded data file that other software can use for further analysis. 

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Semantic Analysis of Information Sources for Any Language

Our X-RAE and Search RAE applications can transform your document collection from a useless mountain of electronic paper to a valuable resource, and you won't have to do a thing!  X-RAE semantically analyzes your documents using our Language Independent Semantic Taxonomy (LIST) structure and Search RAE finds the information you need. 

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High-Quality Machine Translation for Any Language

Our tRAEnslate application is a powerful semantics-oriented analysis system that produces linguistically accurate machine translations.  It handles an unrestricted vocabulary - any sensible sentence is understood.  Even homonyms are recognized ("hot flames", "hot peppers", "hot bathing suit").  tRAEnslate understands language nuances, such as words referring to people or words referring to places, permitting accurate selections for the target language.  Language rules are coded independently, allowing any language supported by the system to be translated into any other language. 

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